1. OpenBSD, meet the PlayBook

    Wed 21 October 2015

    On the slim chance that there’s another OpenBSD user who also wants to sync files to their BlackBerry Playbook, read on!

    On the PlayBook

    It turns out you can easily access the filesystem with SMB/CIFS.

    1. Go to Settings->Storage & Sharing and turn on Wi-Fi Sharing.
    2. Press the Network ...
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  2. NiceBSD Dev Diary 2015-09-20

    Sun 20 September 2015

    Realized I hadn’t made a dev diary update in 6 months, and thought I’d make an update. I’ve been sort of having an intellectual odyssey on the OS front, and after watching Rich Hickey’s Hammock Driven Development for the nth time, I decided to really spend ...

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  3. Know Yer RFCs - RFC 865, Quote of the Day Protocol (STD 23)

    Thu 30 April 2015

    This is one of the protocols that I’m kind of surprised isn’t in more use, by virtue of its simplicity in implementation. RFC 865 is a layer 7 debugging RFC where a socket listens for a TCP or UDP connection, and then sends a short, arbitrary message.

    #!/usr ...
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  4. Know Yer RFCs - Internet Official Protocol Standards (AKA STD 1)

    Wed 29 April 2015

    The first IETF standard was an informational affair, a housekeeping standardization-process snapshot that summed up the current ‘best practice’ RFCs that’s led up to it. It was a process that stretched over a bunch of RFCs over the years, mercifully being put down by RFC 7100, where there is ...

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