1. Didn’t Do Comp Sci

    Thu 09 February 2017

    After an inspiring conversation with some coworkers, I wrote this down, because it turns out there’s a lot of us.


    We sling code, we do product reviews, we spend hours in a chair with nothing but gdb and silence. And though we talk shop with coworkers about minor ...

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  2. Miscellany 2015-12-01

    Tue 01 December 2015

    2 days in a row! That’s gotta be a record. Bumped latest http://daveops.net web build - more good stuff.

    Did some thinking about the MIT OCW work ahead of me, and after digging a bit, I found that 1 unit is roughly equal to 14 hours of work ...

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  3. Miscellany 2015-11-30

    Mon 30 November 2015

    Whew! Been crazy busy as usual. Got a bit sidetracked by a little project which I’m calling "The Mother of All Yak Shaves" - expect a doozy of a post when it reaches completion (hopefully in the next decade :-P

    I’ve also been working through an incredible stack of ...

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  4. Finding Focus, Cancelling Projects

    Wed 11 November 2015

    In the space of 20 minutes, I’ve closed out two personal projects, that combined represent hundreds of hours of effort. And it feels wonderful.


    I started CalgaryHub with the idea of being a one-stop shop for quirky Calgary comings-and-goings. Over several years the idea was polished and ...

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  5. OpenBSD, meet the PlayBook

    Wed 21 October 2015

    On the slim chance that there’s another OpenBSD user who also wants to sync files to their BlackBerry Playbook, read on!

    On the PlayBook

    It turns out you can easily access the filesystem with SMB/CIFS.

    1. Go to Settings->Storage & Sharing and turn on Wi-Fi Sharing.
    2. Press the Network ...
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